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FSO Add Wellness Content

Describes how to add and then edit content for the Wellness portion of the site.

Drupal, Web Content SES, SESFSO
Editing FSO Content

Describes how to edit web content on the site in drupal.

Drupal, Web Content SES, SESFSO
Add a Business Update

Describes how SOFO members can add a facebook-style update to

Drupal, Web Content SOFO
Working with SOFO Membership

This video discusses how to add, edit and see activities of the membership in SOFO Annapolis using our CiviCRM system.

CiviCRM, Drupal SOFO
Add Update Graphic for business updates

The first step to being able to add a business update on the site is having an update graphic in the system.  This video shows members how to do that.  Once a graphic is on the site, there is no need to watch this video again unless the member wants to change it.

Drupal, Web Content SOFO
Send email to membership

Describes how to send a mass email to the SOFO membership or prospective members.

CiviCRM, Drupal SOFO
Add New Member business listing

Shows new SOFO members how to add their businesses to the website.

Drupal, Web Content SOFO
Add Property to Site

Describes how to add a property to the site.

Drupal, Web Content IPS