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Twitter for Teachers

A tutorial for how to setup Twitter for a professional learning environment.

CCPS PD, Educational, Web Content CES
Aireus Gift Card Sell and Redeem

Shows how to sell gift cards and use them to pay for a customer order.

Educational Bruster's
CES TAC Report Cards

Video covers how to prepare all of your gradebook data for report card generation.

Educational, TAC CES
CES TAC Interims

This video covers the process of getting your interim reports ready for distribution.

Educational, TAC CES
CES TAC Add and Grade Assignments

This video goes through adding your first classroom assignment and grading that assignment.

Educational, TAC CES
Office 365 Mail merge

How to take the collected emails, merge them into a template and send customized emails to parents..

CCPS PD, Educational, Office 365 CES
CES TAC Attendance and Lunch

Second video in TAC.  Describes how to take classroom attendance and send lunch meal counts.

Educational, TAC CES
CES TAC Startup

Describes how to get started with the new Teacher Access Center for Calvert County Public Schools.

Educational, TAC CES
Importing email addresses

The second of a three video series, shows how to use contact information collected from an Excel Survey to make a CSV file and import into Outlook or Office 365.

CCPS PD, Educational, Office 365 CES, SES
Collecting Parent emails

Describes how to use the Excel Survey function in Office 365 to collect parent contact information.

CCPS PD, Educational, Office 365 CES, SES