Holiday Tech Tip

"Let's all gather 'round the screen and bask in the warm glow of a rotating update icon."  Said no one ever.

Are you giving tech this Holiday Season?  Here's a suggestion to make it even more fun for your recipient: Open up that gadget and charge it up as directed by the manufacturer, connect it to the web and download all of the updates that it wants before you wrap it.  My children are getting a Nintendo WiiU and that thing needed no less than 3 updates, 2 of which took an hour each.  Talk about a Christmas buzzkill!  If you pre-charge and update, your recipient gets to enjoy right away, you get to do other things on Christmas Day and you avoid internet bottlenecks as thousands of others try to download the same updates on Christmas afternoon.  The only exception might be if your receipient is a nerd like me that actually likes tinkering with tech stuff.

Merry Christmas!