About these Videos...

Who makes these videos?
These videos are produced by Dan Stay of Owings, MD.  Dan is a 20+ year television news production and operations professional currently employed by 21st Century Fox Cable Networks Group.  In addition, Dan handles technology and websites for handful of clients as a hobby.  Dan is married to Margaret Stay a longtime classroom teacher currently at Calvert Elementary School.  Videos for the education community may be written and produced by Margaret with production assistance from Dan.  
Who owns the videos?
Dan and Margaret make these videos on a volunteer basis and they are not commissioned by any employers as part of their job duties, so they remain the owners of the videos.  However, they hope that others find them useful and pass them onto those that might find them useful.  No one other than the producers should be making money on them however.
How do the producers get paid, disclosures?
The producers don't get paid, it's all volunteer.  Occasionally products and services may be recommended in the videos or blog posts.  Other than what most people might have in retirement mutual funds, we do not have an ownership interest in these products and services.  We recommend them because we use the products and services ourselves and feel that others may benefit from them.
Why are these videos made?
The producers were seeing more and more instances where they wanted to help people with technical topics.  We were seeing that there was not a good way available to do this training without meeting in-person and logistically in-person training is difficult to arrange.  The screencast videos seemed like a good way to help people learn small technical topics at their own pace and have something they could refer back to if they get stuck.
What tools are used for these videos?
We use Techsmith's Camtasia Studio 8 to record, edit, and produce the videos.  We host on Dropbox and Bluehost and use Drupal as our Content Management System.