What is here...

This is a test site for Dan Stay. It is used for the Stay family to communicate and experiment with web content management.  In the top of the navigation box you can see the sites that I have created for other businesses and orgnizations.

Learning Social Media Marketing

Where did I find out about web development, software, tech and business stuff?  I have an online resource that I think you'll find helpful and you can get a free trial if you read on.

Keeping Track of Passwords

A quick note about all of those passwords.  They're everywhere and most tech people tell us to constantly change them and not to use the same password for multiple sites. There's no way to keep track of all of those passwords.  I use a little utility called lastpass.  It's a password manager that works on several different browsers and mobile devices.  You store your passwords in lastpass, make one big beastly password, and that one big password gets you into lastpass.

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